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Online guide to completing and improving your US Navy FITREPs and Evals
Example Bullets Submitted
by You!
Thank you for everyone who took the time to submit bullets.  
We all appreciate it.
Note: Some of these bullets are a bit rough since I have not had time to proof read
them.  When new bullets are submitted I try and put them up ASAP.

Submitted on the occasion of member's transfer to USS Blue Ridge(LCC-19), Yokosuka, Japan.
The best Supply Officer in the Pacific. My number one officer.
- Sustained superior performance in managing over 130 Marines, Sailors and Japanese civilians
in the very diverse operations of the Supply, Fiscal, Mess Hall, Fuels and Property sections.
- Under LT Smith's leadership, the Fuels Section won the 2004 American Pertroleum Institute
(API) Award for Excellence in Fuels Manangement. This Defense Fuel Supply Point processed
over 3 million gallons throughput of JP-5, servicing through hot and cold refueling over 2500
tenant and visiting aircraft.
- Entrusted to manage a $1.7 million Operation and Maintenance, Marine Corps Budget, a $1.2
million Operation and Maintenance, Navy Budget, a $0.6 million Stock Fund Account, and a $1.75
million Mess Hall subsisitence inventory.
- Expertly managed the Mess Hall operation, meeting the vast logistical commitments generated
by the preparation and serving of over 200,000 meals.
- Designated as a Naval Aviation Supply Officer (NASO).
- Selflessly volunteered numerous off-duty hours in support of the Chaplains Religious
Enrichment Development Operation (CREDO).
Limitless Potential. Highly recommended for retention and promotion.

My top Lieutenant of eight!  Ready for Department Head now.

Among her accomplishments:
- Superb Leader.  Led a division of 2 officers and 4 enlisted personnel standing a real world
OPINTEL watch; allowing 7 active duty personnel to be assigned other duties.
- Managed the production of over 35 current intelligence products supporting COMFIRSTFLT.  
Received Flag Letter of Commendation from supported command.  
- Mission focused. Developed an innovative division mustering procedure, saving unit
administrative personnel over 50 hours of work over the fiscal year.  Procedures were adopted by
the rest of the unit and included in Best Practices of RIA-20.
- Strong Initiative.  On her own initiative, created a very positive recruiting and retention climate in
the unit LT Whiting by mentoring two junior officers in their reserve career development and
- Completed Naval War College non-resident seminar on Strategy and Doctrine.
- Served as unit PRT Officer, running two flawless PRTs for over 100 unit personnel.

LT Whiting and is most strongly recommended for early promotion to lieutenant commander.

My number three PO1 of six.  Would have been EP if quota was allowed.

Among his accomplishments:
- Capable leader.  Selected as Unit Sailor of the Quarter, 2nd Quarter 2003.
- Recognized expert.  COMFIRSTFLT entrusted several operational time sensitive targeting
packages in contingency planning scenarios to IS1 Hankins.
- Mission focused.  IS1 Hankins produced several, top quality targeting folders for the supported
command in support of Operation NIMBLE ARCHER.  Trained two junior petty officers in
developing target profiles and weaponeering instructions for active duty counterparts.
- Strong initiative.  IS1 Hankins assisted the unit training officer in administering two cycles of the
PRT for over 50 personnel.
- Scored Outstanding on PRT.

IS1 Hankins is most strongly recommended for retention in the Naval Reserve.

CDR HHH performance since joining NAVSEA Unit 104 has been superb.  He has made a direct
and immediate impact on the unit's primary mission - Surge Maintenance (Surge main)
development and shipyard support.   He has demonstrated superior initiative, creativity and
leadership in a highly demanding and evolving role as the unit's SURGE MAIN Officer and Dept.
Head. In this role he is directly responsible for the effective planning, coordination and execution
of the majority of the unit's operational support for NAVSEA Shipyards.  Specific accomplishments
-Driving force behind the unit's Surge Main recruiting effort.  Highly successful in recruiting
personnel into the Surge Main program from other units.  Despite significant recruitment process
challenges, CDR HHH’s perseverance and proactive approach resulted in a total of 10 personnel
brought into Surge Main during this period.  
-Outstanding mentor and an extremely positive influence on the professional growth, development
and employment of Surge Main personnel.
-Performed highly effective liaison and coordination with Puget Sound and Pearl Harbor Naval
Shipyards to ensure effective utilization of Surge Main personnel.
CDR HHH has my strongest recommendation for Command assignment and promotion to CAPT at
the earliest opportunity.

CDR MMM continues to provide unparalleled leadership as Executive Officer.  He facilitated
support of Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) priority projects, furthered the professional
development of junior personnel, and maintained maximum unit readiness.
- Provided comprehensive career guidance and support for unit personnel, which directly resulted
in the selection of a junior enlisted member for an Army officer program and her selection as 2005
Junior Sailor of the Year for NOSC Houston.  His proactive efforts also led to the selection of the
unit LPO for the 2005 NAVSEA Reserve Sailor of the Year Award.
- Maintained the unit's commitment to NAVSEA priority projects despite a logistical setback from
Hurricane Katrina and the time required to integrate eight new unit officers into related leadership
roles.  His persistence resulted in the unit resuming its IDTT support of SUPSHIP Gulf Coast
Avondale and providing 224 mandays of total AT/IDTT support to diverse and high priority
NAVSEA projects, including the critical Surge Main Program.
CDR MMM sets the example through his dedication and hard work and is the driving force behind
the unit's continued successes.  He is my top Commander among all designators and has my
strongest recommendation for Command now and early promotion to Captain.
AT:  13-24 Feb 06:  Lean Sigma Process Initiatives, Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Pearl Harbor,
HI.  Developed standard operating procedures and tracking metrics for two Lean Sigma Rapid
Improvement Events; projects resulted in projected annual savings of $11,000.

Logisitics Solutions:  Skillfully managed efforts to shape facilities support program,meeting two
commands partnership objectives producing Navy savings of $1.025M and increased product
availability with 27% increase in usable inventory, meeting and exceeding all Navy metric goals in
only one year of operation based on the Navy's own calculations

Exemplary leadership.  Oversaw the full systems qualification of seven Quality Assurance
Representatives, 100 percent of the workcenter.  Under his aggressive direction the Quality
Assurance (QA) workcenter also earned workcenter of the quarter.

Inspirational team builder and motivator.  100 percent retention for both the QA and Material
Control (MATCON) workcenters.  75 percent advancement within QA.