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Online guide to completing and improving your US Navy FITREPs and Evals
BREAKOUT BULLETS—Good officer FITREPS need a solid breakout bullet
like the ones below:

Number one of all LT’s assigned, My number one MP, Number one Platoon
Commander, Number one LT in his year group, Number one LT in the Navy!
Best LT I have ever worked with, Number one Division Officer, Number one
SWO, Number one Stick

Ranked 1 of 10 hand picked active duty officers.

Ranked 1 of 20 highly competitive Ensigns at this command.  Already
performing at a department head level now!


LT Smith is a superb Naval Officer in every respect.  In this reporting period he
has made a lasting contribution to the success of ####.  Personally selected by
me to develop a plan of action for the development of $$$$.

As Line Division Officer LT Smith supervised the training of 48 men and women
in the Plane Captain responsibilities.  He transformed Line division into an
effective and reliable Division.

Developed a comprehensive user-friendly NAVOSH training program for
Officers and Work Centers which promotes NAVOSH training throughout the

Made a significant positive impact on ship readiness by running a flawless
respiratory protection, hearing conservation and sight conservation programs.

Highly regarded for his extraordinary character, courage and integrity, his
leadership is the benchmark for all who will follow. His tenure on the # Fleet Staff
is marked by enormous contributions to our Nation.  

Administered an aggressive ground safety program which resulted in a perfect
“Zero Lost Work Days” record for FY-10.

Created an imaginative and effective Public Affairs program. Results included
significant increase in command moral and esprit d’ corps.

Rejuvenated the Command Sponsor Program. Actively ensures all new arrivals
are quickly indoctrinated and receive first class, red carpet treatment.

Dedicated and meticulous. Set a new standard of excellence while performing
as a special assistant, for such high visibility events as Naval Helicopter
Association Conference, VIP visits and Change of Command arrangements.

Aggressiveness as Aircrew Division Officer resulted in all assigned personnel
attaining First Crewman designation and simultaneously recording 64 percent of
all helicopter AW advancements in the West Coast.

The expert leadership LT Smith continued to display resulted in an extremely
high degree of success for the unit and the gaining command.

He has demonstrated that he is ready for assignments of greater responsibility.  
Smith is most highly recommended for immediate promotion.

Senior Member of the Command Assessment Team.  Her aggressive influence
in the command, increased retention by 55% during this reporting period.
FITREP Example Bullets for Naval  Officers