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Online guide to completing and improving your US Navy FITREPs and Evals
FITREP Example Bullets for Naval  Officers
He has my strongest endorsement and recommendation for becoming a
Program Manager or Shore Commander.  In addition, he has earned my
strongest possible recommendation for accelerated promotion to

He has my strongest endorsement and recommendation for major

In addition, he has earned my strongest possible recommendation for
accelerated promotion to captain now

Immediately rose above his peers, filling two officer billets as
COMCRUDESGRU THREE Staff Liaison Officer.

INNOVATIVE PLANNER AND MOTIVATOR!  Foresight and preparation
led to the Coommand receiving outstanding results during CART,
READIMPT, and FEP, and the successful completion of 23 FXP's during
a demanding COMPTUEX.

LT Smith inspires positive teamwork within the DET, he focus on
improving processes through team interaction.

ENS Smith insured the Command maintained a 99% completion of all
maintenance with ZERO equipment deficiencies.

Successfully completed two multinational exercises, TRICRAB 2001,
SEAHAWK 2001, and one multinational MCM training evolution with the
Canadian Fleet Divers

Self Taught. Without a chief LTJG Smith took his  20 man Deck Division
through the basic phase training cycle. This included mooring-to-a-buoy
and underway refueling never attempted before with this crew.  

Instituted a DINK study program which has increased the number of
people qualified is their respective PQS by 500%.

Natural Leader: During the recent Underway Demonstration ENS SMITH
leaderships ability as EOOW resulted in USS GUARDIAN receiving the
score of “OUTSTANDING" from the PACFLT N82 inspection team.  No
other ship in the PACFLT has this honor or title

Led disaster response operations for Hurricanes/Typhoons throughout
the # Fleet AOR’s.  His unprecedented actions during these major back-to-
back disasters directly enhanced the USS NEVERSAIL'S capacity to
respond to joint-interagency operations.

Coordinated Joint Staff operations and COCOM support of: ###, ###,
and ###


Would be EP in any other group, however…

Forced distribution unfairly restricts accurate recommendation….

EP in larger group of all _____ I have worked with…

Ranked MP only because he is compared against the XO.

Ranked against three senior Department Heads.

Indistinguishable from my number 1, except for seniority.

Ranked number 2 against very senior competition.

Read this carefully:  the rules force me to make him/her an MP, but
he/she if really an EP.  This officer is rated against another officer who, I
anticipate, will be promoted.  This officer would truly be number one in
any other setting.