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Online guide to completing and improving your US Navy FITREPs and Evals
Installation Guide
2.        Download the NAVFIT98A  to a temporary location on your workstation
by click on link.

3.        Save the file to the temporary location

4.        Double click on the zip file and extract to a location of your choice.

5.        Verify the NavFit98a application package contains the following files
with the appropriate file extensions:
a.        SETUP.EXE
b.        SETUP.LST
c.        NAVFIT98A.CAB

6.        Navigate to the temporary folder where the NavFit98a application
package was copied

7.        Close all open programs in preparation of application installation

8.        Double-click Setup.exe to install the NafFit98A application

9.        Follow the on-screen instructions as prompted by the installation
program.  It is recommended that you accept the default location for the
software installation.  If a version conflict message appears during the
installation, it is recommended that you retain the newer file

10.        Once you receive the successful installation message, you should
find a NavFit98a entry in your ‘All Programs’ menu. Select the NavFit98a entry
internal to the NavFit98a menu item to launch the application.

Note: This application will not work on Windows Vista.