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Online guide to completing and improving your US Navy FITREPs and Evals
EVAL Bullets for
Enlisted and Chiefs

Action verb ……. object of the action…….results/impact of the action

You Must answer the “so what?” question

Unparalleled expertise in the power plant work center.  Sought out by all for his technical
knowledge. Already performing at the level of a CPO.

Vigorously tackles any assignment.  Very detail oriented, excels under pressure.

Active member of the Command Assessment Team.  Her aggressive influence in the
command, increased retention by 55% during this reporting period.

Role model Sailor… motivated, genuine and honest.  Immaculate uniform appearance.  
Outstanding on semi-annual  (PRT).

Willing assumes all challenges, with enthusiasm and determination.  Through her training
program the department attained 100% ESWS qualifications.

Team builder.  Her positive attitude, can-do spirit, greatly contributed to the command
receiving the Battle “E”.

Through his superior leadership, the department overall retention and advancement rates
exceed navy norms by 25%.

Makes a difference. As 1st LPO Smith volunteered to take possession of the ships HAZMAT
locker. He cleaned, remodeled, and painted it, which resulted in a very clean organized,
and functional HAZMAT locker.  

Ranked 1 of 90 highly competitive Chief Petty Officers at this command.  Performing at the
Master Chief level now!

Most qualified Sailor at this command!  My most dependable EOOW.  Lead trainer with
DCTT, ECTT and ESWS qualifications for 1,000 Sailors.

Goes above and beyond. As MWR Officer he planned, organized, and lead 12 MWR tours
for the 5 port visits GUARDIAN made on her deployment.    

Recognized professional expert on Smith.

Sought out by all levels of the chain of command to resolve both technical and personnel
issues.   Selected by the Executive Officer and CHENG,  to fill a highly selective billet.

A model of military bearing and Navy tradition.  Loyal, trustworthy, and dedicated, he is roll
model for all to follow.

Mentors over 200 Sailors in life skills and professional development, 25 advanced and two
were Sailors of the Year.  

Built a performing unit drill team involving 175 first term Sailors.  Command drill team
traveled to 12 different states promoting recruiting and Navy opportunities.

Superb leader!  As Department LCPO, his Sailors attained an overall retention rate of 85%,
while 63% advanced. Compared the Navy’s retention rate of 45% and 23% advancement.