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Online guide to completing and improving your US Navy FITREPs and Evals
EVAL Bullets for
Enlisted and Chiefs
Personal Traits:
resourceful manner.
Physically fit, possesses stamina to carry on in demanding situations.
A continuing source of innovative ideas and positive contributions.
Contributes full measure to any task, willingly accepts added responsibility
Takes exceptional pride in image he projects, wears immaculate, inspection-ready
uniform on a daily basis.
Possessed with an unending urge—and ability—to achieve.
Calm and affable nature is a valuable asset in daily activities.
Enjoys Navy lifestyle and is quick to offer positive advice to subordinates on ways to
increase their worth and contribution to a team effort.
A self starter, who can plan ahead, usually has most of a project laid out before
formal tasking.
Deep concern for well being of others, total dedication and support to the Navy and
the command he serves highlight daily activities.
Excellent in attitude and capability Unique ability to perform under pressure.
Ready wit and pleasing personality enhances morale.
Alert, dynamic, highly intelligent with a creative mind.
Can be relied upon to take the initiative in implementing changes in policy or
Cultivates understanding, harmony, and esprit de corps.
Deep sense of pride and respect for Navy regulations and traditions.
Team player, places high emphasis on cooperation and teamwork.
Demonstrates unsurpassed professionalism
Uncompromisingly committed to the principles of equal opportunity and fair
treatment to all service members.
Honest, sincere, and unquestionable integrity
Remarkable ability to adapt to requirements of superiors
Exhibits personal and professional qualities that are prerequisite for personnel
seeking greater responsibility
Dedicated, with an obvious willingness to serve with pride in any endeavor  

Management and Leadership:
Possesses professional competence to know what to do, fortitude to decide how to
do it, and dynamic leadership to inspire others to accomplish it.
superior ability to inspire cooperation from subordinates
Made himself/herself the “man/woman to see” when subordinates need guidance of
either personal or professional manner
Displays firm grasp and use of effective leadership principles
Executes excellent management practices by blending concern for others with job
Possesses the spark of leadership, creative ability, and self-confidence to excel in
any assignment Genial, cooperative, with the courage of conviction
Personified leadership by example
Fair, impartial leader; respects the rights of others
Every goal and objective met timely and correctly the first time around
Rare ability to apply corrective counseling and have it accepted in a positive manner
Quick to take the lead in coordinating activity and providing guidance and
supervision A master at achieving maximum use of limited resources
Positive Navy attitude and personal application of distinctive leadership consistently
inspired higher achievements from peers and subordinates Intense individual
whose paramount interest is in efficiency of his organization
Great foresight, prepared for any eventuality
Observes chain of command principles, effectively delegates administrative and
managerial responsibilities
Radiates confidence, composure, and competence
Skillful manager; proven ability to attain high standards of performance
Strong leader; instills in subordinates the same desire to excel that he/she has
Original thinker; offers new and innovative ideas  

Self Expression:
Excellent speaker; can discuss a wide variety of subjects with confidence and
Commands large vocabulary which is used very skillfully and effectively in oral and
written communication
Authoritative manner of speaking commands complete attention
Meticulous and methodical in staff work
An excellent communicator with a ready and pleasing wit Interesting
conversationalist, with ability to clearly and logically state views
Expresses himself/herself clearly and concisely.
Speaks easily and straight-forwardly without undue repetition
Can develop and give good presentation to familiar or unfamiliar audience.
Thinks on his/her feet.