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Online guide to completing and improving your US Navy FITREPs and Evals
EVAL Bullets for
Enlisted and Chiefs
FXP's to include 35 Dive evolutions and 12 Demolition operations.  

Aggressively sought out personal qualifications to include SCUBA Dive
Supervisor, Demolitions Operations Supervisor, Command Duty Officer,
Small Boat Coxswain, and Naval Parachutist.  

HM2 Smith is a dependable and highly motivated self-starter. He utilizes
his time wisely to further both his Surface Warfare skills and rating

Takes a well-planned approach to complete his required tasking well
ahead of time.

Professional appearance and conduct both in and out of uniform.

Proactive in his qualifications, in the short time onboard HM2 has earned
numerous qualifications to better serve the Command.

Highly motivated and driven young sailor!

Completes all assigned tasks on time and ahead of schedule

Takes pride in his work, GM2 routinely sacrifices his personal time to go
the extra mile for the benefit of the Department and Command.

GM2 Smith is an excellent sailor and a dependable asset to his
Department, his drive and initiative are an outstanding example for his
peers and subordinates.

Far Reaching Responsibility: EM1 carries responsibility over every single
space aboard USS NEVERSAIL, including both main spaces and the galley. This
was evident the his recent griddle, oven, search light, MPAC, and #2
switchboard repair.

Involved in the Community: EM1 Smith is always the first to sign up for
both COMREL projects and volunteer events.

Program Manager: As Electrical Safety Officer and Tag Out Program
Manager, he effectively managed both programs thereby greatly
contributing to the ships successful 3M inspection.

Keen Technical Insight: Supervised and managed the complete change
out of one of three diesel generators

Natural Leader: During the recent Underway Demonstration EN1 Smith
leadership ability as EOOW resulted in USS NEVERSAIL receiving the score of
"OUTSTANDING" from the PACFLT N82 inspection team.  No other ship
in the PACFLT has this honor or title.

Flawless Performer: During a recent Diesel Engine Inspection his 2 Main
propulsion Diesel Engine was hailed as "flawless" by the senior