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Online guide to completing and improving your US Navy FITREPs and Evals
EVAL Bullets for
Enlisted and Chiefs

Recognized Expert:  EN1 Smith is sought after by both other divisions
AND other ships for his amazing ability to correct problems and make
things work.

Meticulous worker. GM2 Smith received high praise from Atlantic Fleet
Inspectors impressed with his meticulous attention to detail when
servicing his weapons.

Ready for Action. With GM2 Smith in charge of DG01 the armory was
consistently in an “Operational Ready” status and ready for force
protection issue.

Precise Administrator. Maintains USS Smith’s ammunition administration at
the highest degree of readiness.

Motivated Trainer. Petty Officer Smith was directly responsible for
qualifying 70% of the crew in 9mm, M-14 and Shotgun; and 25% of the
crew in 50cal and M-60.  

-Proactive. MN2 Smith was responsible for initiating and completing the job
of replacing a $35,000 magazine sprinkler valve.