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Online guide to completing and improving your US Navy FITREPs and Evals
325 Verbs

accelerate; accept; acquaint; absorb; adapt; add; acquire; act; administer; admire;
adhere; adjust; affect; afford; adopt; advance; aim; align; aggravate; aid; analyze;
annex; alleviate; allow; approach; approve; applies; appreciate; assert; arouse;
arrange; aspire; associate; assess ;assimilate; assist; attract; assume; attach;
attain; benefit; augment; avert; benefit; charge; carry; challenge; change; combine;
cherish; choose; cite; compel; commemorate; command; commend; comprise;
complete; compose; constitute; compile; consolidate; conceive; conduct; continue;
contribute; construct; contain; coordinate; control; convert; convey; decrease;
convoke; correct ; correlate; deliver ; dedicate; delegate; deliberate ;deserve;
demonstrate; depict; demand; determine; detract; design; deter ; devote; dictate;
develop; devise; discern; discharge; diminish; direct; discover; dispatch; disclose;
discontinue ;distinguish; distribute; diversify; displaying; earn; edit; dominate; drive;
efface; effect; educate ; educe; elicit; eliminate ; elate; elevate; embody; embark;
embellish; emanate; employ; emerge; enact; embrace; emulate; enable; endeavor;
empower; encourage; encroach; encounter; enforce; engage; energize; enlighten;
enumerate ;excel; enlarge; exalt; exert; establish; evoke; expend; execute;
exemplify; exercise; fabricate; exhaust; exhibit; expedite ; finish; experience;
expose; express; foster; facilitate; fashion; figure; father; formulate; form; heighten;
forge; gain; furnish ; further ; impel; generate; gratify ; handle; impose; illustrate;
imbue; impart ; improvise; implant; impede; import; inject; improve; implement;
instill; impress ; infuse ;initiate; insure ; inform; instigate; inspire; install ; invigorate;
institute ; instruct; instrumental; magnify; intensify; introduce; instruct; materialize;
invoke; issue; justify; modernize; manage; manifest; mark; originate; merge;
mitigate; met; operate; motivate; obtain; overwhelm; perform; outweigh; overcome;
perfect; persuade; penetrate ;perceive; persist; place; permit ;persevere; please;
possess; phrase; prepare ; pertain; preclude; present ;preserve; promote ;propel ;
progress; project ;prove; provide; propose; prosper ;qualify; quicken; push; rally;
reach ; radiate; raise; receive; reclaim ; realize ; rebuild ;reconcile; recondition;
recognize; recommend; reinforce; reestablish; rectify; reduce; reflect; reform;
refashion; refine; regard; regenerate; refresh; regain ;release; render; regularize;
rehabilitate ; reorganize; replace; renew; renovate; restore ; result; represent;
resolve ;revise; revive; resume; reverberate; rotate; rouse; revolutionize ; reward;
secure; seize; satisfy; season; serve; share; select; show; signify; solicit; shoulder;
spread; stabilize; steer; specialize; strengthen; succeed; support; stimulate; surpass
; survey; symbolize; surge; undergo ;undertook; unravel; urge; utilize; withstand; unite.