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Online guide to completing and improving your US Navy FITREPs and Evals
Knockout Phrases
•        Meticulous attention to detail
•        Outstanding attributes of
•        Sound advice, tactfully rendered
•        Have substantially aided
•        Can be directly attributed to
•        Continually accepted
•        Gave renewed impetus
•        Effectively planned and supervised
•        Became infused in
•        Is evident in
•        Was instrumental in
•        Was an inspiration for
•        Was largely/repeatedly/personally responsible
•        Were major factors
•        Was outstandingly successful/effective
•        Was particularly noteworthy
•        Was a primary contributing factor in
•        Acting with vigor and determination
•        Constantly sought out new avenues for rendering better service
•        Due to his/her unfailing wisdom and untiring energy
•        Streamlined operational procedures
•        Acted as a pillar of strength
•        Served as a sterling example for all to emulate
•        Served as an inspiration to those with whom he/she served
•        Provided positive direction, sound advice, firm guidance, and wise counsel
•        Always displaying a high spirit of cooperation, willingness, and attentiveness
to duty
•        Because of his/her demonstrated organizational ability and his/her capacity for
positive leadership
•        He/She streamlined operations, which provided smooth teamwork and
efficient functioning
•        Met problems with untiring energy and unfailing wisdom
•        Were the key to his/her unquestionable success and marked him/her as a
noncommissioned officer of the finest/highest caliber
•        Constantly set an example by a display of _, _, and _.
•        Marked him/her as a noncommissioned officer of the finest/highest caliber
•        Proved himself/herself to be outstanding among his/her contemporaries