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Online guide to completing and improving your US Navy FITREPs and Evals
Opening and Closing
Loyal and enthusiastic Naval Officer with a positive attitude and wiliness to accept
any assignment. ENS Smith specific accomplishments include:

Outstanding Squadron Duty Officer. He has my highest recommendation for
augmentation, accelerated promotion to Lieutenant Commander, post graduate
education, and bullets leading to department head selection.

SINGULARLY BRILLIANT! I can offer no stronger recommendation for any other
Officer to be selected to promotion CDR and assignment to leadership duties of
significant responsibility!

Innovative, Methodical and conscientious, his actions are well planned and smoothly
executed.  From day one ENS Smith has been a valuable asset to this command.

Chief Smith’s work is complete thorough and accurate. He is a team player with
limitless potential and has established a positive rapport  with all levels of the chain
of command.  

Effective and confident, LCDR Smith maintains outstanding order and discipline and
responds to stressful situations in a knowledgeable and appropriate manner.

Chief Smith leads the best division in the command, bar none!  She has a solid
sense of priority and would make an outstanding CMC.