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Online guide to completing and improving your US Navy FITREPs and Evals
FITREP Catch Words
outstanding, outstanding executive, outstanding managerial outstanding professional,
outstanding organizational, superb planning, superb organizational, unusual, technical
ACTIONS: conscientious, aggressive, tenacious, decisive
•      ACHIEVEMENTS: significant, outstanding
•      AGGRESSIVENESS: commanding
•      APPROACH: energetic, enthusiastic, enthusiastic and diplomatic, vigorous,
diligent and untiring
•      ASTUTE: advice, judgment, planning
•       ATTITUDE: cheerful, cooperative, selfless
•        COMPETENCE: professional, exceptional professional
•        CONTRIBUTED: immeasurably, significantly, materially, directly,
•        DEMONSTRATED: continually, has clearly, rare and exceptional
•        DEVOTION TO DUTY: untiring, sincere, constant, unfailing, unusual,
•        DIRECTION: positive, firm guidance. enlightening
•        EFFORTS: untiring, vigorous, energetic, tireless
•        EFFICIENCY: optimum, maximum
•        ENTERPRISE: self-reliant
•        ENTHUSIASM: infectious, unbounded
•        EFFECTIVE: was outstandingly, planning, accomplishment, highly
•        EXAMPLE: sterling, personal
•        EXPERIENCE: broad, professional, technical
•        FORCE: driving
•        FORESIGHT: remarkable, keen, accurate
•        GUIDANCE: skillful, proficient, firm, cheerful
•        INITIATIVE: strong, rare and exceptional
•        JUDGMENT: sound, mature, outstanding, discerning, decisive
•        KEEN: personal interest, interest, insight, analytical mind, sense of responsibility
•        KNOWLEDGE: professional, technical, professional and technical, broad,
•        LEADERSHIP: positive, brilliant, dynamic, inspired, capable, energetic,
outstanding qualities of, exceptional, vigorous, outstanding organization and
leadership capabilities, qualities of the highest order, remarkable leadership qualities
•        LOYALTY: intense
•        MANNER: cooperative, diplomatic, brilliant, outstanding, superior, superb,
efficient, highly effective, exemplary, judicious
•        MANAGEMENT: capable
•        PERFORMANCE: outstanding, outstanding record of
•        PLANNING: meticulous, astute, capable, calm and effective
•        PRINCIPLES: sound managerial
•        PROFESSIONAL: confidence, ability, skill, competence, knowledge, and
technical knowledge, adeptness, inner
•        PRAISE: unstinting
•        PURPOSE: tenacity of, resoluteness of, fidelity of
•        RESPONSIBILITY: spirited sense of, keen sense of, willingness to accept,
willingly assumed the, deep sense of
•        SERVICE: dedicated
•        SPIRIT: indomitable
•        SUPPORT: vigorous, energetic, enthusiastic, aggressive
•        TECHNICAL: understanding, knowledge, adeptness
•        UNDERSTANDING: thorough, and judgment, human
•        WISDOM: unusual, unfailing